Anton Hallor



Growing up, training was just part of my ordinary life and, alongside maths class, training with friends was the highlight of my week. The year passed on and my interest in training only increased. After I graduating from senior high school I took some time to assess what I wanted in life, and it soon became clear that I wanted to spend my life training both myself and others. I started a 3-year course in sports and training at the university, to pursue what I loved and to do it all in.


Life goals:

I will work on all continents and with different sports.

I will train athletes to the Olympic Games and World Championships.

I will show the world the happiness in training.

I will be remembered as Anton Hallor.

  • Personal trainer
  • Employee as a PT at Actic, a famous gym company in Sweden. Helped customers improve their running performance over time. I love to see customers progress!
  • Employee as a PT at Team Nordic Trail. Here I focused on teaching running technique for trail running. I really enjoy the challenge to teach beginners how to tackle hard trails.
  • Trainer at the national orienteering gymnasium in Hallsberg. As a part-time trainer I helped students with their orienteering technique and observed them in action


  • Guide/Leader/Instructor
  • Worked in Morocco as a high altitude running mountain guide (above 4000masl).
  • Worked as a spinning instructor at both Actic and Njoy. Planning the workout and making sure everyone having a good time and pleasant workout.
  • Led large running groups of up 10 to 30 people as an instructor for Team Nordic Trail in Sweden.
  • Employed by Örebro University as a test leader during a research project.


  • Educator
  • Worked as a substitute teacher for three years.
  • I have been working for Örebro University to teach students how to run orienteering.


  • Service
  • Worked as a waiter at the famous Storulvån in the Swedish mountains.
  • I was the manager of Actic St. Elisabeth gym in Tromsø, Norway. My duties included instructing member, leading children’s activities, and ensuring the gym was kept in order.
  • Worked as a customer service representative at both Actic and Njoy.

2014 – 2017

3-year course in sports and training, University of Örebro. The program of 7200 hours of education which included everything about training to educate professional trainers. As a final assignment I completed a 6 months’ project about caffeine and its effect on aerobic capacity, for which I received the highest possible score (source).


Cardiopulmonary rescue education certificate.



PT-get go. A single weekend personal trainer education to get a diploma.



Outdoor Education and Recreation. A five-week course at University of Örebro.



2008 – 2011

Orienteering gymnasium in Hallsberg.




First language           Swedish.

English                       Good at both writing and speaking.

German                      To a small extent.



Sports Merits

  • Personal best at Vasaloppet: 5h 36min.
  • Personal best at 10km running; 38:10min.
  • Biked through Sweden (Hallsberg –> Boden: 1200km).
  • Ambitious orienteer and trailrunner.

Other competences


License               Full Swedish driving licence since 2010